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ko te wai te oranga o ngā mea katoa
Water is the life giver of all things

When it comes to water
there are some things we
can all agree on...

We need plenty of clean, fresh water
now and for the future

We can also all agree there are problems with water in
Canterbury - there's declining water quality, a loss of cultural
and recreational use and less reliable water for farming

We also agree that the old ways of managing our water were not working

We need to balance developing our economy with the protection and enhancement of our environment

A new framework for managing our water, called the
Canterbury Water Management Strategy, has been put in place

It's come from
of community

It's being led by
Environment Canterbury,
Ngāi Tahu and Canterbury's
District and City Councils

It's a shared vision
to ensure we have
clean, fresh water now
and for the future

The Strategy puts finding solutions to local water issues
into the community's hands

The environment
Drinking water
Stock water
Customary use

How it works

Canterbury is covered by ten zones

Each zone has a committee responsible for
bringing local people together

There are regular workshops and meetings

Everyone in the community has a chance to contribute

are guided
by the targets
agreed to in the

Committees are
tasked with making
for the best way to
manage water in
their area

have a set of
immediate goals as
well as milestones to
meet by 2015, 2020
and 2040

Councils are tasked with putting these recommendations into action with the help of other groups and agencies

What success will look like

Water quality will be protected
and starting to return to within healthy
limits for human health
and ecosystems

Decisions about who gets what water
will be mostly made without having to
go to the courts

Ecosystems, habitats and landscapes will be
protected and progressively restored, and indigenous
biodiversity will show significant improvement

Most people will look after the land and
water they are responsible for so that action will
only be needed for a small number of users

People will feel they are being treated
fairly and involved in decision-making

Ngai Tahu will be increasingly
able to exercise kaitiakitanga and
rangitiratanga and their right to do so will
be well recognised

Recreational opportunities will be
returning and improving

Water users will have access
to reliable water, which will be used
efficiently and productively

Primary production and
employment will be increasing, and the net
value added by irrigation to the Canterbury
economy and the national balance of
payments will be increasing

Opportunities for tourism activities
will be returning and improving, and the
net value to Canterbury's economy from these
activities will be increasing

Efficiency in the use of energy
will be improving and renewable electricity
generation will be well integrated with
irrigation infrastructure

Rural community viability will be
improving and community cohesion
will be maintained

Understanding and empathy
between rural and urban dwellers
will be increasing

The water management system
will be better able to adapt to
climate change in the future

The Canterbury Water Management Strategy
isn't just about today

It's about bringing to life a long term vision to ensure
we have clean, fresh water now and for generations to come

Because we can all agree,
water is our common ground

He puna wai, he puna tangata
The pool of water sustains the pool of people

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